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Summer "Beauty" Tips, Part II

girl at beach by rg1024 -

To live a fabulous life while dealing with really, really hot temperatures is, gentle readers, a very difficult thing to do.  If your lifestyle has been disrupted by 100 plus degree temperatures, power outages, and broken air conditioners, I suggest that you grab your passport, a few thousand dollars, three or four credit cards, a couple of bikinis (you're going to Europe, they don't CARE if you don't have the body for a bikini, so just grab a couple down at the Wal-Mart local boutique and go with it) and get yourself on the quickest plane to Europe.  Now, I've never personally been there (George: call me!), but judging by the photos, Como, Italy seems to be just about one of the best places to go.  You can go out on a boat:
or ride motorcycles:
or just hang around, looking pretty:

If, like me, though, you are a very busy and important person, you may be stuck here at home. In that case, the best beauty tip I can give you is to find somewhere cool, put on the loosest clothing you can find, download a good book (like this one: The Madams of Mischief, available at Amazon.Com), find a comfy spot, kick back, and drink sangria. Here's a recipe and a little inspiration.  (Okay, so technically, these weren't beauty tips, but, still, You'll thank me later.) 

Berry Fruity Sangria:
1 bottle of red or pink wine (I prefer red)
2 or so cups of mixed berries (blackberries, blue, raspberries, strawberries...go with the frozen ones)
2 or so cups of orange juice, cranberry and/or pineapple juice (I like a mixture)
1/4 cup of lemon/lime juice
2 oz of blackberry liqueur (I leave this out if I don't have it)
orange, lemon, lime, pineapple slices 
stir it, taste it, add more juice if you think it needs more, and let sit in the fridge overnight or, if you can't wait, drink it right away, but know that it tastes better when it sits. 

Now, the recipes I've seen online usually call for ginger ale.  Personally, I don't add anything else to my sangria except a lot  of ICE.  After two or three, your S.O. will start to look like this: 

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