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Summer Beauty Tips, Part IV: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Naturally, in the summer time, people want to look their best. That's why everyone goes on a diet in late May. And why magazines are able to recycle the same "Get Ready for Summer" issues every year. I, of course, have taken a different, and better, approach. I have given you highly lame USEFUL advice that I've made come up with during my short vast experience as a Lifestyle Guru. Today's advice is no exception; enjoy these helpful hints having to do with your hair.

Many people find that they just wake up one day, look in the mirror, and realize that they are in a big old hair rut. Sometimes, men will find that the rut they are in is that they no longer have any hair on their heads to speak of, well, except for that stuff growing out of their noses and ears.  If this describes you, or even if it doesn't, you really need to consider changing your hair.  Having exciting hair is a fun way to get yourself noticed. And, since you haven't got much else that makes you stand out from the crowd, you should take my advice, pick out one of these hairstyles, and get yourself on over to the closest "Hair Artist".

If you don't like any of these, remember you can use Google Image search and find one you like. Here's a link that I've already checked out.  It has some really awesome hair styles. Great Hair Styles .

Don't forget, even celebrities need hair do-overs. Remember this?
Thankfully, he wised up:

If, however, you are like me and you look so fabulous that you do not need to change up your hair just now, I suggest you instead download a good book like this one The Madams of Mischief, pour yourself some of that yummy sangria you made using my recipe the other day, and listen to this:
or this

No matter which option you choose, You'll Thank Me Later


  1. I find it easier to add interest and spice to my head by wearing a fun hat.

  2., i don't remember george lookin' like that! omgosh!!! (what is george saying there, i wonder?!) i've gotta work that photo into a post, somewhere, somehow! hahahah
    as to hairdos, abby clued me in long ago that--big hair--directly correlates to STRESSED and DESPERATE mentality!!! think about it. when have you personally donned a big hair style? what was your state of mind at that particular time, or occasion?!! nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!

  3. Genie, I think you and Abby are correct. Once, obviously when I was STRESSED and DESPERATE I had a big poodle perm. I may, if I drink enough sangria, post a picture of it someday. Oh, that picture was from George's Facts of Life days. I had forgotten he was on there. I went looking originally for one from his Rosanne days. Then, I saw that one and....yeah, what IS George saying? Can't wait for your post on it!

  4. White Wave, if I had a hat as cool as yours and looked as cute in it as you do, then I, too, would just wear a fun hat.

  5. aaaahhhh!!!! i had no idea george was on roseanne!!! however, FFR (for future reference) yours as well as mine: